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Senthia Santana

Florida Office

“A big part of my heart is in Kentucky and my life is in Florida. My connection to these great states of course is the people and more specifically their values. I admire their love for family and their commitment to hard work. Unfortunately physical, mental, and emotional Injuries jeopardize what my clients value the most and I am honored to be the person they call for help.”


Senthia Towery Santana has dedicated her twelve year career to representing individuals in personal injury and wrongful death cases in the areas of products liability, auto crashes, and premises liability. She is admitted to practice law in Florida and Kentucky and in the U.S. District Courts, Middle District of Florida and Southern District of Florida. She aggressively pursues her clients’ interests against companies that place profits before safety, insurance carriers that refuse to adequately protect their insured drivers, and individuals whose bad choices have tragically altered the life of others. She is driven by a passion to serve her clients and to ultimately cultivate awareness and change to prevent further injury and injustice.


Mrs. Santana believes that law is not just a profession but a lifestyle and this lifestyle’s core is hard work. She earned a full tuition scholarship to attend Kentucky Wesleyan College in her home town of Owensboro, Kentucky. While attending college Mrs. Santana kept a full class load, worked part time in retail as well as cleaned homes and tutored a variety of fellow students, participated and led extra-curricular events, and graduated cumma sum laude with a G.P.A. over 3.9. In 2005 she graduated in the top one of her class from University of Kentucky College of Law while working in the school’s library, clerking for one of the nation’s top products liability attorneys and participating in moot court. With this same tenancy and diligence, Mrs. Santana’s has recovered multiple seven figure dollar settlements and achieved a jury verdict of $1,463,107.30 as the first chair attorney before the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida.


At home in Orlando, Florida, Mrs. Santana’s young daughter, Diana, keeps her and her husband, Don, on their toes. She and Don are working toward their fourteenth year of marriage and trying to catch up with her parent’s marriage of forty-nine years. Mrs. Santana is inspired by the words of Native American author Joyce Sequichie Hifler, “get a firm footing in everything that is good and stand tall with our eye on the sky.”

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