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Sierra Legal Group is more than just a personal injury law firm. It’s a nationwide legal service geared towards benefiting our clients. Our team of experienced and compassionate attorneys make sure that you’re taken care of, from start to finish.


Our firm was established on the core values of humanity. We represent everyone, no matter where you came from, who you believe in, or what you like/dislike. It’s important to us to make sure you are comfortable throughout the representation process, so making you feel welcome is our forefront objective, as well as transcending any needs you may have.


We know that each client case is different, and we make sure to provide our individual attention to always ensure we’ve reached the full potential of a financial settlement. We also understand that personal injury cases are not only mentally taxing, but financially as well. That’s why we won’t charge you a fee unless we win your case.

Contact our office at (877) 592-4600 to talk to a member of our team – your consultation is free and confidential.

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