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Purchasing a car is an exciting experience, but what happens when the car soon becomes problematic? Purchasing a car in hopes that it will maintain its well-being in the initial stages is a given, however there are some occasions where these expectations are not satisfied. Under Texas law, a car is only a lemon if it falls under these prerequisites:

1. The vehicle has an active warranty.

2. It has been taken in for the same repair at least 4 times to an authorized dealer, or 2 times for life threatening issues.

3. The vehicle must have been inoperable for 30 days, but that does not have to be consecutive.

4. These repairs have been done in the first 24 months or 24,000 miles of ownership.

If your car falls under these prerequisites as a Lemon, you may be eligible for a replacement, or refund on any payments made towards the vehicle. This includes registration and finance charges. Let us find you the justice you deserve at Sierra Legal Group.

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