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Brain Injury

The brain is responsible for nearly every human function, and brain damage is incredibly serious. It’s so important that we commit time to caring for our bodies and our brains, and it can be wholly overwhelming to battle brain injury, when the solution is never simple.


Our team is passionate about supporting you by addressing your brain injury concerns, and working to give you practical tools to succeed after trauma. We understand how complex this can be, and are passionate about working alongside you to support your journey towards health.


Brain injuries can look different, happen in different ways, and even manifest differently in different situations. Some of the most common symptoms are:


  • Headaches, lasting an extended period of time, or consistently occurring
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss, often around details that otherwise would be easily remembered
  • Nausea or illness
  • Back pain or numbness in the body
  • Exhaustion
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Strong changes in mood or personality


These are just a small sampling of the symptoms you might be experiencing, and a combination of those symptoms could be truly debilitating, and impact your quality of life and ability to work. That’s why pursuing recovery, or finding support is an important step towards reaching the next phase in your life.


You may have gotten a brain injury from a few different circumstances, including:


  • A car accident
  • On the job impact with product or machinery
  • Collision or impact with another person
  • Falling or slipping in unsafe conditions
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals without proper safety equipment and protections


The possibilities are wide reaching as the brain is a complex organ, and the impact could manifest itself in a few different ways. The moment you suspect damage to your brain or body, it’s wise to document the impact at work, as well as speak with a healthcare provider who can refer you to a specialist if necessary. After impact and documentation, it is wise to alert those around you to be aware of your behavior, and look for any symptoms you might not notice on your own. These changes could be subtle, but indicative of bigger, longer-lasting concerns. Protect yourself and stay aware.


There are some long term impacts to traumatic brain injuries, and we are still learning about them, even now. People have experienced trouble with learning, knowledge retention, or have shared about increase or uptick in pain and the inability to recover as quickly from other injuries. There are also a host of other issues one might experience, including emotional trauma after injury, trouble with communication or self expression, in combination with other cognitive injuries. These issues might not even manifest until a later date, adding to frustration and potentially years of unanswered questions and mystery symptoms.


When should you be pursuing legal aid regarding your injury?


As with any injury, it’s wise to examine if what occurred could have been prevented. What are the circumstances regarding the injury? Negligence and carelessness can truly be lethal when it comes to impact on the human body, and parties who have intentionally failed to provide proper protections or advisories when it comes to high risk situations should be held responsible.


Like with any situation, accidents can also happen. There are a whole host of protections in place for accidental coverage, and it can serve as an invaluable tool when examining options. Insurance companies provide coverage precisely for these types of situations- giving you the ability to claim support should you need it.


Many might feel guilty about pursuing legal action, especially if the injury didn’t happen under malicious circumstances, but this is precisely why it’s so important to examine your options. Working with a legal team can allow you to see what is possible when pursuing recovery. Don’t let concern for another party or organization prevent you from healing; many are prepared to assist if these situations should occur.


What about recovery?


Recovery can be long, complex, and look different depending on the individual. There are countless types of therapies and tools which can bring new life and growth, depending on the impacted area of the brain. Our team is prepared to help you explore the options available to you, and examine ways you are owed support in this recovery process. These options could look like:


  • Therapy for the emotional impact of an injury, and side effects
  • Physical therapy for the greater physical implications surrounding brain injury
  • Overall recovery solutions, including the process or adapting or re-learning skills which may have been lost
  • Support with physical pain and assistance paying for medication or pain relief
  • Coverage for loss of wages in recovery, or future loss of employment due to injury
  • Working alongside support aides who can address a wide range of care, including planning for retirement, or disability
  • Surgery, as well as aftercare from the procedure
  • Nurses or aides to help you re-acclimate to life after injury


There are a number of ways increased resources can help with brain injury recovery. This could vary wildly from person to person, dependent upon need and how the injury happened, as well as a prognosis regarding a long term return to health. Many of the greatest treatment options can be wildly successful, while also being incredibly expensive. It is your right to ask questions and not let a “no” serve as a final sentence.


It is worth pursuing solutions to recover from the injury you have sustained, and we are committed to helping you fight to get those costs covered. We want to see you thrive and recover to your former self, and it’s worth investing the time and energy towards pursuing that restoration. We’d be honored to support you on that journey.


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