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Are Rideshare Platforms like Uber good for your Community?


Uber — an innovative platform that hires drivers to perform a transportation service in their local community, by picking up riders and dropping off riders to their destination. Drivers work for additional income utilizing their vehicle, while the rider seeks a convenient transportation service to travel simple and hands-free. Uber has made it their duty to provide a seamless transportation service that guarantees a safe, cost-efficient, and accommodating experience for both the driver and passenger. Ridesharing accidents in California can be overwhelming to deal with. As Sierra Legal Group, we have no recovery, no fee policy.


However, speaking from a legal perspective questions arise when discussing what liability ownership does Uber take when one of their drivers gets into an accident in your city? Having hundreds and thousands of drivers on the road, demands Uber to implement an extensive driver insurance policy and safety protocol measures for their drivers and riders, right?


Our Uber Accident Lawyers here at Sierra Legal Group, believe in keeping our clients informed on the latest updates made by Uber that affects their driver and passenger’s safety. Uber has dominated the roads of populated cities, where traffic accidents are more likely to happen on a daily basis. Our attorneys have made it their duty to become experts on Uber’s driver insurance policy, uber rider safety tips, along with new app updates. We want to ensure that every uber driver and rider are informed on the policy that protects the uber vehicle, if a traffic accident is to occur. In the article we discuss the new driver’s safety program that Uber has made mandatory for each of their drivers to purchase. We discuss to what extent does this new driver’s safety program cover in terms of liability for the Uber driver that gets into an accident or causes the accident. We discuss what the passenger of Uber should do immediately after an accident. Finally, we discuss how an experienced lawyer can help expedite a personal injury claim for the victim driver or rider.


What happens when an Uber Vehicle gets into an accident in California?


In the unfortunate case that an Uber vehicle is involved in an accident, determining who’s insurance policy will cover the total loss, may be ambiguous. For example, an Uber driver crashing into a vehicle or a vehicle crashing into an Uber driver, is similar to a regular traffic accident. And just like any car accident or traffic accident in your city, determining who is the “at-fault” driver in an Uber accident, can help clarify who’s insurance policy will be held liable for the total loss of the incident. A simple uber ride can go from being innocent and delightful, to complicated and costly for all parties involved in the uber accident.


Here is what you should do if you get into an Uber Accident:


  1. You should remain calm and focus on your breathing.
  2. Make sure you are not hurt, along with others in your vehicle (CALL 911 if someone is hurt).
  3. Then, pull out your phone and document everything.
  4. If you are the driver, make sure to exchange information with the other vehicle.
  5. If you are the Uber driver, make sure to upload all and any information when contacting Uber about the incident.
  6. Then contact your insurance if you are the driver with the report of the incident.
  7. If you are the Uber passenger, be sure to give a detailed report of the incident as well on your app.
  8. Finally, call your expert Uber accident lawyer to cover for any loss that may have been caused by the accident.


Who is liable for the total loss of the personal property, after getting into an accident with an Uber vehicle?


Not At Fault Uber Driver in accident


If the Uber driver, is legally made the NOT “at fault” driver, in the accident then the Driver can seek compensation for their losses from the other vehicle’s insurance. It’s standard procedure The Driver’s injuries arise out of another party’s negligence, and it is only right that the Driver be compensated. Typically, a NOT at fault Uber Driver can recover for pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of earnings, cost of repair, and cost of rental.


But, what if the other vehicle does not carry insurance, or the other party’s insurance does not cover the full extent of the Uber driver’s total loss in the accident?


Uber driver’s carry a $1 Million Dollar Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which means that if the other party’s insurance does not cover all of your injuries, the other party does not have car insurance, or if the other party cannot be found, Ubers $1 million dollar UM & UIM policy will apply to cover for your injuries. In general, Uber drivers are completely covered if the other party is at fault. Uber’s $1 Million Dollar UM & UIM policy ensures that Drivers, will be completely covered despite the availability of the other party’s insurance.


What is Uber’s Contingent Collision Coverage?


In the case of an Uber driver not being able to recover the complete cost of the total loss in a car accident from the other vehicle are, Uber’s Contingent Collision Coverage Policy.


  • Only applies once the Driver has exhausted their personal collision coverage.
  • The driver must independently carry collision coverage to be able to be protected by Uber’s collision coverage.
  • Only applies once the Uber driver has accepted a passenger, until the Driver has dropped off the passenger.
  • Uber’s deductible is $1,000 and covers up to the cash-value of your vehicle.


“At-Fault” Uber Drivers


The “At-Fault” uber driver in a car accident may seem ambiguous, especially if they are driving a passenger. Unfortunately, if the Uber Driver is at fault for the accident, the Uber Driver cannot seek compensation from the other party’s insurance or from Uber’s UM & UIM policy. However, does that mean that Uber Drivers cannot recover for any injury damages that arise from the Accident?

Uber’s New Driver Injury Protection Program


Uber’s Driver Injury Protection program operates as a sort of workers’ comp for its drivers.


  • The policy covers up to $1 million in medical damages with no deductible or co-pay.
  • Disability payments of up to $500 a week in income replacements.
  • $150,000 in survivor benefits.


Uber Drivers may seek compensation for their injuries if they are beneficiaries of Uber’s Driver Injury Protection program. The cost of the program is about a nominal 4 cents per mile, but Uber offset the cost by raising its wages by 5 cents per mile. It’s basically a steal. Moreover, the program covers Uber Drivers while they are online looking for passengers, while they are driving to pick up a passenger, while they are on a trip with a passenger, and even when a Driver is helping a passenger take out luggage from their vehicle. Need a ridesharing lawyer in California? Call us now.


Passengers who are injured in an Uber Accident, ensure you receive the claims you are entitled to.


You as the passenger and innocent party, are covered regardless (usually), if you make the right decisions at the time of your uber driver getting into an accident. Don’t worry, even the uber drivers who has to deal with the repair of their own vehicle and the potential liability of the other vehicle’s damages, is faced with difficulties when understanding the role of their own insurance policy, along with Uber’s commitment to ensure their riders are covered after an uber accident.


What to do if you are an Uber passenger Involved in an Accident


  1. Check yourself for any injuries & make sure everyone in your vehicle is okay.
  2. Remain calm & focus on your breathing.
  3. Move out of harms way along with your vehicle away from traffic (if possible)
  4. Call the Police (911).
  5. Exchange contact information with the other vehicle’s driver.
  6. Take Photos of the other vehicle along with any evidence.
  7. Call your local personal attorney if you need help expediting the claim process!
  8. Call your insurance & notify them you were in an accident.


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